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Hungary as a full holiday destination is unfortunately still unknown and unloved by many. Nevertheless, the land of the Magyars has so much to offer and something for everyone. We are happy to share our Hungarian bucket list or the top 10 must-do. 

A visit to the Tihany peninsula should not be missed during your stay in our region! Stroll along the many shops and enjoy the beautiful panoramas. As a starting point for a trip along the northern shores, this is ideal to combine on Sundays with the craft market in Kaptalántóti.

Nature is different every season and so there is something different to experience every time. The variety of landscapes in our region means that there is a lot to discover in our beautiful green surroundings. Walking, cycling, with the (steam) train, on the quad, with the kayak or with a horse and cart, everything is possible in our province. . 

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The Peace Stupa in Zalaszántó was built in 1992 as a gift for peace after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Besides the stupa, which is the largest in Europe, there is also a Buddhist temple. The walk up is a tough part, but well worth it. The peaceful atmosphere there is really calming! 

Would you rather feel a bit more adrenaline during your stay in Hungary, that is of course also possible! In our area there are various climbing courses for young and old. In Pécs there is Mecxtreme park and in Balatonboglár the bobsleigh track. You can play paintball in Zamárdi and Siófok. In Siófok you can try a parachute jump or take a pleasure flight on the northern shore of the lake, ride the tank or take a hot air balloon flight (from Héviz). 

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Anyone who takes the time to see Uncle Jani's enchanted realm will be richer with a special experience. The story began when Uncle Jani started collecting the old heraldic stones and then building his own castle and republic of Bugaszeg in his own eclectic style. Admission is free, but a free donation is very welcome! 

We recommend every guest to visit a local festival. to get a taste of the real traditional Hungarian culture. You must experience the cheerful dance music and matching traditional dances at least once in your life!

Lake Balaton, also known as the Hungarian Sea, is with its surface area of ​​592 km² it is the largest lake in Central Europe and the main attraction of our region. Because the average depth is only 3 meters, the water heats up quickly in summer and it is the ideal place to fill the family for a day with water fun. Our favorite beaches are those of Balatonföldvár, Fonyód, Szantód and Zamárdi. 

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A wonderfully blissful day at the thermal bath with wellness complex or enjoying one of the many swimming paradises should not be missed. Highly recommended are the thermal baths of Igal and Tamási. For the real water lovers, the beach in Kaposvár and Zalakaros is really worth it!


When you think of Hungary and food, you may think of goulash, the stew that tastes so good with fries. Hungarian gulyás, however, is not a stew, but a real meal soup! And you should definitely have tasted it cooked in the traditional way in a kettle heated over an open fire, to lick your thumbs and fingers. But there is so much more to taste from traditional Hungarian cuisine such as lángos, kürtőskalács or pörkölt. If you would like to enjoy a delicious dinner with a 180 degree view of the Balaton, we are happy to arrange that for our guests.

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Hungary has a rich history. You can also notice this in the many castles, fortresses, ruins and remains of churches. Often worth a visit, such as in the village of Somogyvámos, where you can also take a look at the Krisna vögly, the domain of the Hare Krishna movement. 

We are happy to help our guests plan their day trips, tailored to their personal preferences. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we are happy to share our experiences of more than ten years living in Hungary with our guests.