You can taste delicious Hungarian flavors within a radius of 25 km around our locations at Ildiko in Igal, at Puli in Kapolypuszta, Bisztro Figura in Tab or at restaurant Muskátli in Köröshegy.

Hungarian hospitality

Hungary is known for its fruit-based liquor "pálinka". A visit to a distillery can be done in nearby Zamárdi, the party venue of Balaton Sound in July, we are happy to help plan for our guests. 

Our region also has many vineyards and associated wineries, where it is always a pleasure to taste the delicious wines. The most famous wineries in the region are Ikon and Konyári.

We are happy to plan a tour by horse and carriage, coupled with a visit by a local winery and a delicious meal for our guests. 

In our region there are many traditional farmers' markets every week where you can buy Hungarian artisan products. A visit to the markets of Tab, Ráksi, Kaposvár and Fonyód are definitely recommended to soak up the Hungarian culture.